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Athens, Texas Race

Athens, Texas Race

When: 3/7/2015 11:00 AM

Location: 3356 State Highway 31 E Athens, TX 75751

Race Details

Class Driver Score
IMOW L73Wayne Lancaster 720
IMOW 22TTim Lane 675
IMOW 60MPaul Rose 610
IMOW 007Bob Krantz 605
S-P 124Richard Lively 720
S-P X27Kenny Boyle 665
S-P 7Anna Neel 640
S-P 21Earl Schultz 360
C-P M73Mike Scholl 720
C-P M80Damon Mosley 675
C-P 400Eddy Akin 550
F-X 979Les Neel 710
F-X 124Richard Lively 685
F-X 21Earl Schultz 630
B-P 122Marion E. Neel, Jr. 720
B-P 60Mike Howell 675
B-P 22TTim Lane 300
FXS 55AJeff McKelroy 720

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