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Heart of Gold Recovery Music Fest

Heart of Gold Recovery Music Fest

When: 3/3/2018 1:00 PM

Location: 22000 Fairgrounds Road (FM 359) Hempstead, Texas 77445

Races start at 1:00 p.m. at the Waller County Fairgrounds in Hempstead, Texas. 

Race Details

Class Driver Score
A-P 81Crystal Gill 660
S-P 124Richard Lively 640
S-P N09Sammie Neel 635
S-P 06RStacey Reeves 600
C-P 14Dot Walenta 660
C-P 316Bob Parry 625
C-P 73Mike Pippen 565
C-P 124Richard Lively 550
C-P 400Eddy Akin 520
C-P 01Andrew Gutierrez 430
F-X N09Sammie Neel 660
B-P 44Joe Hopkins 660
B-P 081Steven Kehlenbrink 625
B-P 23Bret Vaughn 550
B-P 7Curtis O'Brien 340
FXS 81Crystal Gill 660
FXS 55AJohn Howard 625

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