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Medina County Fair 2019 Season

Medina County Fair 2019 Season

When: 10/27/2018 12:00 AM

Location: 733 FM 462 N Avenue M Hondo, Texas 78861

This Points Race is a rescheduled race for the September 15, 2018 race that was canceled due to inclement weather.

Race Details

Class Driver Score
A-P 081Steven Kehlenbrink 660
S-P 124Richard Lively 660
C-P 316Bob Parry 660
C-P 22RJoe Reamer 625
C-P 124Richard Lively 590
F-X N09Sammie Neel 660
B-P 44Joe Hopkins 660
B-P 73Mike Pippen 300
FXS 081Steven Kehlenbrink 660

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