The LSMRA Race Season runs from Labor Day to Labor Day, which is the first Monday in September. We have an exciting 2022 Season already in race mode! Get ready because we just may be coming to your town. The LSMRA is ready to get back to our grass roots, get on the road again and travel to new venues, meet new people and recruit new racers! If you are interested in hosting an LSMRA State Championship Race, OR if you are interested in being one of us... GO FAST AND TURN LEFT, please contact us. We can’t wait to hear from you.

2022 Season

ClassDriver10/23/2111/20/213/26/224/9/224/23/225/14/225/28/226/25/22Total ScoreTop Races
GPS 1/2Richard Wooley 66066066066066066066066052803960
GPS 27Brandi Vercher 59056560561561558033059044903595
GPS19Blane Counsil60035035035062562562535252900
GPS 21Wayne Turner52533056559030023102310
GPS99 Linsie Martin330300330960960
GPS 99Cody Tankersley 625625625
GPS 21RJoe Reamer590590590
GPS99Philip Fallis580580580
GPS 21K Kevin Voight 330330330
GPT 45T Julie Tynmann 61565066066066064055557550153910
GPT19Blane Counsil63562530061560061563040203705
GPT 24Wayne Turner 60058058063560061536103575
GPT 653John Sargeant 36056562535030066061034702920
GPT 98Joey Gray 600300900900
A/P429Crystal Gill 36030066066019801980
A/PL73Wayne Lancaster66030066016201620
C/P124Richard Lively66066066066066063539353960
C/P8Annsley Howard57557565066024602460
C/P21Joe Reamer66030057157521062106
S/P405Frankie Gill66063566066026152615
S/P81Steven Kehlenbrink62565062562525252525
S/P61Richard Wooley 590300890890
FXSNO9Sammie Neel60066063566063565066045003875
FXS405Frankie Gill66062564065063532103835
FXS11John Howard350300300950950
FXSL73Wayne Lancaster625625625
FXS124Richard Lively625625625
FXS86Cutter Vick590590590
FXS8Annsley Howard300300300
FXT 12K Kevin Counsil 60059066054066065058566049453760
FXT 122Marion Neel 35066030060559054559059042303580
FXT124Richard Lively62559055055553060555540103480
FXTJ538 Jay Jones61530060557562562533453295
FXT11John Howard60061565030021652165
FXT 81Steven Kehlenbrink 36035036061016801680
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