The LSMRA Race Season runs from Labor Day to Labor Day, which is the first Monday in September. We have an exciting 2023 Season already in race mode! Get ready because we just may be coming to your town. The LSMRA is ready to get back to our grass roots, get on the road again and travel to new venues, meet new people and recruit new racers! If you are interested in hosting an LSMRA State Championship Race, OR if you are interested in being one of us... GO FAST AND TURN LEFT, please contact us. We can’t wait to hear from you.

2023 Season

CLASSDRIVER09/10/202209/24/202210/22/2022TOTAL SCORETOP RACES
GPS19Blane Counsil66062535016351635
GPS1/2Richard Wooley66066013201320
GPS27Brandi Vercher61530030012151215
GPS21Wayne Turner300615915915
GPS1/2Corey Vercher350350350
GPT653John Sargeant66063566019551955
GPT19Blane Counsil56565059018051805
GPT9Brandi Vercher50059030013901390
GPT24Wayne Turner57560511801180
GPT45TJulie Tynmann600350950950
C/P21Joe Reamer66066013201320
C/P8 Annsley Howard300660960960
S/P1/2Richard Wooley36066063516551655
FXSNo9Sammie Neel64065066019501950
FXS86Cutter Vick30059061515051505
FXS4Annsley Howard300635935935
FXS11John Howard360300660660
FXS73Richard Wooley605605605
FXS73Jessie Vick600600600
FXS31XRussell Rust350350350
FXT12KKevin Counsil66065060019101910
FXTJ538Jay Jones63561512501250
FXT122Marion Neel62559012151215
FXT14John Howard660660660
FXT122John Sargeant555555555
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