The LSMRA raced its final race for the 2022 Racing Season on June 25, 2022 in Gun Barrel City, TX.  The competition was fierce and Paul Lyons from the GBC Maintenance Department provided us with a track that was great for drifting and racing.
Some of us, however, (Julie Tynmann and Cutter Vick) drifted right into the haybales. Thank goodness for those haybales (provided by Superior Hay).
Our 2023 Season begins on Labor Day and our schedule so far is as follows:
September 10, 2022 – Reisel, TX at the Reisel Lyons Park. (Time to be determined)
September 24, 2022 – Gun Barrel City Park, Gun Barrel City, Texas – 10:00 am
October 22, 2022 – Gun Barrel City Park, Gun Barrel City, Texas – 2:00 pm
Please note the EARLY MORNING RACE on September 10th. During the months of extreme heat, we will be racing in the mornings which is the coolest part of the day in Texas. This is for the benefit of the Spectators, Racers and racing mowers. The heat is NOT our friend.
I hope y’all appreciate our sponsors as much as we do. We are very thankful for their support of the LSMRA and your communities. They truly make a difference in all of our lives.
Gun Barrel City Economic Develpment Corporation – Platinum Sponsor
Coldwell Banker – Gold Sponsor
See y’all soon!

When: 6/25/2022 2:00 PM

Location: Gun Barrel City, TX

Hot Laps: 5 laps
Heat Races: 10 laps
Feature Races: 20 laps


ClassDriverTotalFeature Place
GPS1/2Richard Wooley6601st
GPS19Blane Counsil6252nd
GPS27Brandi Vercher5903rd
GPS99Lynsie Martin3304th
GPS21Wayne Turner3005th
GPT19Blane Counsil6301st
GPT24Wayne Turner6152nd
GPT653John Sargeant6103rd
GPT45TJulie Tynnman5754th
C/P8Annsley Howard6601st
C/P21Joe Reamer5752nd
S/P1/2Richard Wooley3001st
FXSNo9Sammie Neel6601st
FXS124Richard Lively6252nd
FXS86 Cutter Vick5903rd
FXS11John Howard3004th
FXT12KKevin Counsil6601st
FXTJ538Jay Jones6252nd
FXT122Marion Neel5903rd
FXT124Richard Lively5554th
FXT11John Howard3005th