Hamilton, Texas hosted the Second Annual Weed Wackers Races on May 14. They definitely know how to make a Lawn Mower Racer feel special.
The First Place Trophies are the coveted Belt Buckles. These are definitely unique and very special to lawnmower racing.
Second Place Trophies are just as unique. Who can’t use a backpack? As a matter of fact, even the First Place winners were a little envious of the second place trophies. Thank you, Rena Sliger, for going the extra mile and for spoiling us so!
Thank you to Rena Sliger; Karla & Kieth Curry; Faith & Scott Massengill for making it possible for the LSMRA to race for Hamilton, TX. There are a host of other people who are on the “Sliger Team” and sponsors who make this happen. Thanks to ALL of you !
The heat did its best to interfere with the races, but there was so much adrenaline in the air that it was barely noticed. Spectators and racers had the best day.
We look forward to our next race in Hamilton. Rumor has it that it COULD be as early as in the next four months. We will keep you posted!
At this race, we are fortunate in that we attracted a photographer who traveled from Austin, TX to attend and photograph our action. His name is Andrew Butler and his website is www.andrewbutlerphotos.com. His photos from this race may be posted by May 18. Feel free to visit his website and checkout his other work as well. We appreciate and welcome these interests in our sport. Thank you, Andrew!

When: 4/23/2022 2:00 PM

Location: Hamilton, TX

Hot Laps: 5 laps
Heat Races: 10 laps
Feature Races: 20 laps


ClassDriverTotalFeature Place
GPS1/2Richard Wooley6601st
GPS19Blane Counsil6252nd
GPS27Brandi Vercher5803rd
GPS22Wayne Turner5654th
GPT45TJulie Tynmann6401st
GPT24Wayne Turner6352nd
GPT19Blane Counsil6003rd
GPT653John Sargeant3004th
A/P429Crystal Gill6601st
C/P124Richard Lively6601st
S/P405Frankie Gill6601st
S/P081Steven Kehlenbrink6252nd
FXS405Frankie Gill6501st
FXSN09Sammie Neel6352nd
FXS11John Howard3003rd
FXT12KKevin Counsil6501st
FXT11John Howard6152nd
FXT081Steven Kehlinbrink6103rd
FXT122Marion Neel5454th
FXT124Richard Lively5305th