If you didn’t have fun on Independence Day Weekend, you weren’t at Hamilton, Texas. The LSMRA had their first race at Fair Park & Keith Curry Arena this past weekend. It rained most of Friday night, and on the morning of Race Day, there was still a little drizzle. As the drizzle fizzled, racers prepared for the races and fans showed up with their umbrellas and colored the stands from end to end. The clouds still gathered as the LSMRA lined up in front of the crowd on their mowers for the Racers’ Prayer (by Blane Counsil) and the National Anthem (by Marion Neel). Part of Blane’s prayer asked that the clouds be parted to allow us to race and that we all be able to return home safely after the races. Now … all the credit doesn’t go to Blane, BUT … we raced the Heat with no rain. There was a short intermission between the Heat and Feature Races. During that time, we had about a 2 minute drizzle. The Feature Races started up and again, no rain. The temperature was just right for racing. Mother Nature provided the perfect amount of water to pack the track. This is a new track for the LSMRA and we ALL welcomed the opportunity of competing on a track with new dimensions and challenges and in front of whole new group of people who are NOW lawn mower racing fanatics. It is a unanimous decision from racers, to fans, to the organizers of this race … WE WILL BE BACK TO RACE AGAIN IN HAMILTON, TEXAS!

A HUGE “Thank you” to Rena Sliger for contacting us about our racing for their great community. She is one of the most fun people we have worked with. She is full of excitement and energy. Rena has a great team who works with her: Karla and Keith Curry; Faith and Scotty Massingill; Isaac and Heidi Partain; James Yates; Danny Watson and Dalton Drilling. These people did a fantastic job getting the track and arena ready for this event and the trophies were AWESOME! We also want to thank all of the Hamilton, Texas Sponsors. Their banners were from one end of the 180 foot straight-of-ways to the other. Sponsors are the life of our events.

When you see/meet Nancy Okunami, please let her know that you appreciate all of the photos she took at this event. She has a talent that is truly appreciated by us all! AND … she is learning to use her “outside voice” on the megaphone. Thank you Nancy for all you do for the LSMRA.

Melissa Gill counted laps for us at this race and did an excellent job keeping up with of all of the craziness on the track. Melissa has counted laps for other racing organizations and is truly experienced. It takes a lot behind the scenes people that we take for granted to put on our races. We appreciate Melissa for sharing her expertise with us and taking on that responsibility for the LSMRA.

The Lone Star Mower Racing Association thrives on racing at new tracks and new venues. We enjoy meeting new fans and welcoming new racers to our organization. The excitement is contagious. If you want the LSMRA to come to YOUR town to race, please contact us at www.LSMRA.com.


When: 7/3/2021 9:00 AM

Location: Hamilton, TX

Hot Laps: 5 laps
Heat Races: 10 laps
Feature Races: 20 laps

GPS1/2Richard Wooley660
GPS19Blane Counsil625
GPS24Wayne Turner340
GPT98Joey Gray640
GPT24Wayne Turner625
GPT19Blane Counsil360
A/P429 Crystal Gill660
C/P124Richard Lively660
C/P21Joe Reamer625
S/P405Frankie Gill660
S/P081Steven Kehlenbrink350
FXS979Les Neel660
FXS429Frankie Gill350
FXT400Jay Jones650
FXT124Richard Lively605
FXT081Steven Kehlenbrink360
FXT12KKevin Counsil340