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Let’s make that dream a reality!

Have you ever been mowing the grass on your trusty riding mower and as the motor hums and the clippings fly your mind slips away letting your imagination take over? The next thing you know, your mind has you three wide going into turn 1 racing against your heroes.


With every lap in the yard, you battle for the lead with the legends, ( No.3, No.24, No.9). As the last blade of grass falls, you take the Checked Flag by inches. As your neighbors peer over the fence at your some what disturbing victory dance, you realize it was just a dream.


Lawn Mower Racing came about because of the need for a inexpensive, but yet competitive form of motorsports. Mower racing has it all. All the same details as racing bigger, more expensive forms of motorsports, but yet fits nicely in the garage and doesn’t take up much space. From the setups to the adjustments, track conditions, the competition, the fans, the speed, and the glory, it's all there. Just in a smaller less expensive package. Oh, and don’t worry, there is a class for just about everyone. From mild to wild. With all that being said, don’t be over whelmed about building one. It's a great entry level project for the beginner welder. They can be built with a stick, flux core, mig or tig welder and a quality saw from Just about any part that would need to be machined can be bought for reasonable prices through a hand full of distributors. The Most Important Thing is the people. Every Member of the LONE STAR MOWER RACING ASSOCIATION is willing to help and lead you in the right direction to have a Fun and Safe racing experience. For more details on Mower Racing and events, look up "In the mean time Keep Your Grass Short" and "The Shinny Side Up! Dennis Z. Jack Of All Trades / Master Of None" .