The LSMRA Race Season runs from Labor Day to Labor Day, which is the first Monday in September. We have an exciting 2021 Season already in race mode! Get ready because we just may be coming to your town. The LSMRA is ready to get back to our grass roots, get on the road again and travel to new venues, meet new people and recruit new racers! If you are interested in hosting an LSMRA State Championship Race, OR if you are interested in being one of us... GO FAST AND TURN LEFT, please contact us. We can’t wait to hear from you.

2021 Season

ClassDriver09/12/2010/17/203/6/213/27/21R5R6R7R8Total ScoreTop Races
MM3Brayden Newsom66066013201320
MM4Gage Newsom300600900900
MM2Ivan Zimmerman660660660
MM31XRayden Rust615615615
JP01NNolan Zimmerman66066013201320
JP357Lance Willingham660660660
JP31XAnna Rust625625625
GPS1/2Richard Wooley63560066018951895
GPS22RWayne Turner33030062512551255
GPS13XDusty Newsom59066012501250
GPS00XRussell Rust650300950950
GPS95Hunter Oliver615615615
GPS40Steven Kehlenbrink300300300
GPT98Joey Gray66066066019801980
GPT45TJulie Tynmann66062562519101910
AP429Frankie Gill66066065019701970
AP429Crystal Gill660660660
APX56Waylon Geirisch300350650650
APL73Wayne Lancaster635635635
CP124Richard Lively63566066019551955
CP22Joe Reamer59062562518401840
CP8Annsley Howard58065012301230
CP7Curtis O’Brien660300960960
CP47Andrew Gutierrez565300865865
CP316Bob Parry625625625
CP401Sammie Neel300300300
SP81Steven Kehlenbrink30030062562518501850
SP405Frankie Gill36066066016801680
SP31XRussell Rust650650650
FXN09Sammie Neel66065013101310
FX21AAustin Zimmerman635635635
FXL73Wayne Lancaster590590590
BP410Curtis O’Brien66066013201320
BP23Brett Vaughn625625625
BP287Trent Zwana625625625
FXS21AAustin Zimmerman65061512651265
FXSN09Les Neel59066012501250
FXS124RRichard Lively55560011551155
FXS7Curtis O’Brien360610970970
FXS11John Howard300640940940
FXS429Frankie Gill300635935935
FXS13Branden Turner650650650
FXS31XRussell Rust625625625
FXS429Crystal Gill615615615
FXSJ12Jay Jones555555555
FXT122Marion E. Neel, Jr.62563564019001900
FXT81Steven Kehlenbrink30057060036018301830
FXT124Richard Lively55560058017351735
FXT50Waylon Gierisch66061512751275
FXT21AAustin Zimmerman660660660
FXT12KKevin Counsil625625625
FXT14John Howard350350350
FXT46Bobby Harville300300300
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