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Zimmerman Brothers Both Win Lawn Mower Racing Debut

Inside Line Promotions – WORTHAM, Texas (March 11, 2020) – Lawn mower racers Austin and Nolan Zimmerman were victorious last Saturday at Camp Shayla, where both won during their debut in the sport. The series currently has one event per month at the eighth-mile dirt oval on the schedule for the next five months following the season opener last weekend. Austin Zimmerman competes in the FX class, which features modified versions of lawn mowers.

“The only thing lawn mower about it is the fenders, the hood and the dash that holds the steering column,” he said. “It has a factory motor that is souped up. You just have to use the factory block. I’ve been told it’s somewhere around 45-to-50 horsepower.”

Zimmerman finished where he started – second – in a wild heat race.

“I set the mower up to put a little more drive in it,” he said. “I lined up second and we shot out there in front. When I was coming around out of turn four I got the mower too sideways and into the marbles. That ended up spinning out. I had to play catchup the entire time. The second to last lap I started catching the leader. I had to run his line and run the bottom. I had started making big gains on the straights. I came into a corner too hot and gave him a slap on his bumper. That gave us some separation. The final lap came and it was a complete battle to the end. He went high out of turn four. I shot low and it was a drag race to the finish line. He beat me by half a mower. It was a good race all around.”

That lined Zimmerman up on the outside of the front row for the 20-lap main event.

“I jumped out in front when the green flag was waved and I extended the lead,” he said. “The track came in and was a lot better toward the end of the day. Jimmy, the track owner, does a great job. The track stayed tacky. That really assisted me in the way I set it up. I took a little bite out of the right rear and just rolled the bottom. I’d come out to the top and enter on the bottom. I kept stretching the lead.
“My dad, Dennis, was a great crew chief for both of us. He was the main chassis builder and put both motors together. He was the person who engineered mine and pioneered the car for Nolan.”

Younger brother Nolan Zimmerman was equally as successful while competing in the JP class, capturing a victory in both the heat race and the main event.

“I got lucky and drew the pole in the heat race, I had a little bit of trouble on the start and the No. 00X got in front of me before the turn. After a lap we were side by side. I was able to get to the bottom and make the pass. I stayed on the bottom the rest of the race.
“In the A Main I got a better start. I just stayed on the bottom. The No. 00X caught up to me a couple of times, but I just squeezed the throttle a little harder for the win.”

It was a special afternoon for both brothers, who learned a lot during their debut.

“We really did not change anything all day,” Nolan Zimmerman said. “We just checked the RPM after each race and made sure the bolts were tight. In the races I just stayed on the bottom like my dad told me to. I had confidence in my mower and I just kept aiming for my lines. This being my first race I learned a lot; no bumping, no hitting and be safe. Also, watch what other racers are doing and learn from them.
“I would like to add that it is always good to listen to your crew (Mom and Dad). They see things on the track better and they help win the race. Also, the No. 00X of Brayden Newsom ran a great race. He really made me work to get the win. It really could have went the other way with a different draw.”

The next event is April 18 at Camp Shayla. AUSTIN ZIMMERMAN QUICK RESULTS – March 7 – Camp Shayla in Wortham, Texas – Heat race: 2 (2); Feature: 1 (2). AUSTIN ZIMMERMAN SEASON STATS – 1 race, 1 win, 1 top five, 1 top 10, 1 top 15, 1 top 20 NOLAN ZIMMERMAN QUICK RESULTS – March 7 – Camp Shayla in Wortham, Texas – Heat race: 1 (1); Feature: 1 (1). NOLAN ZIMMERMAN SEASON STATS – 1 race, 1 win, 1 top five, 1 top 10, 1 top 15, 1 top 20 UP NEXT – April 18 at Camp Shayla in Wortham, Texas, with the Lone Star Mower Racing Association