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Bob Parry

Bob Parry


I joined the LSMRA in October 2017. My wife and followed the LSMRA for about a year and then decided I really wanted to join this group. My first race was in Gun Barrel City, Texas on November 18, 2017. I race in the C/P Class. I purchased my first racing mower from Damon Mosley.


Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 09-12-2020CP625
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 10-17-2020CP0
Crossroads Cowboy Church 3-6-2021CP0
Gun Barrel City, TX 3-27-2021CP0
Gun Barrel City, TX 6-26-2021CP0
Hamilton, TX 7-3-2021CP0
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-4-2021CP0
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-5-2021CP0
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 9-7-2019CP660
Hondo, TX - September 21, 2019CP660
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 10-5-2019CP550
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 06-13-2020CP590
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 08-08-2020CP590
Medina County Fair 2019 SeasonCP660
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 6-29-2019CP240
Boerne - Labor Day Race Aug 31 2019CP650
Boerne - Labor Day Race Sept 1 2019CP650
2018 Race #3CP555
Gun Barrel City 11/18/2017 - 2018 SeasonCP625
2018 Race #5CP640