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Sammie Neel

Sammie Neel


I race “Love Mowtion N09” in the FX and SP Classes and I am Sammie Neel from College Station, Texas. If I am behind in a race, the racer in front could see “Pucker Up – Here I Come” on the front of my mower should they look over their shoulder. If I happen to be in front, they can read “Kiss This” with a big pair of red lips on the back of my mower. My objective is to be in FRONT. My husband, Marion Neel, is instrumental in my involvement of racing lawnmowers. He has built and maintained my racing mower. I began racing mid-season of 2009. I love racing, but just as important is the camaraderie and professionalism of the LSMRA group. A real plus is that we get to travel and see a lot of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma and meet a lot of GREAT spectators at the races. This is a terrific sport for the participants and people who like to watch it.



2024 Race #1FXS0
2024 Race #2FXS300
2024 Race #3FXS240
Gun Barrel City - March 23, 2024FXS580
Madisonville - Mud Bug Festival - April 13, 2024FXS600
Riesel, TX 9-10-2022FXS640
Gun Barrel City, TX 9-24-2022FXS650
Gun Barrel City, TX 10-22-2022FXS660
2023 Race #5FXS100
2023 Race #6FXS360
2023 Race #7FXS100
Gun Barrel City, TX 11-20-2021FXS600
Gun Barrel City, TX 3-26-2022FXS660
Madisonville, TX 4-9-2022FXS635
Gun Barrel City, TX 4-23-2022FXS660
Hamilton, TX 5-14-2022FXS635
Gun Barrel City, TX 5-28-2022FXS650
Gun Barrel City, TX 6-25-2022FXS660
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 09-12-2020CP0
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 09-12-2020FXS660
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 10-17-2020CP0
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 10-17-2020FXS650
Crossroads Cowboy Church 3-6-2021CP0
Crossroads Cowboy Church 3-6-2021FXS0
Gun Barrel City, TX 3-27-2021CP300
Gun Barrel City, TX 3-27-2021FXS0
Gun Barrel City, TX 6-26-2021CP0
Gun Barrel City, TX 6-26-2021FXS0
Hamilton, TX 7-3-2021CP0
Hamilton, TX 7-3-2021FXS0
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-4-2021CP0
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-4-2021FXS600
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-5-2021CP0
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-5-2021FXS300
Hondo, TX - September 21, 2019FXS660
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 10-5-2019FXS660
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 11-2-2019FXS660
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 12-14-2019FXS625
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 03-07-2020FXS590
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 06-13-2020FXS625
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 08-08-2020FXS625
Medina County Fair 2019 SeasonFXS660
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 6-29-2019FXS260
2018 Race #1FXS660
Gun Barrel City 10/01/2017 - 2017 SeasonFXS660
2018 Race #3SP625
2018 Race #3FXS660
Gun Barrel City 11/18/2017 - 2018 SeasonSP635
Gun Barrel City 11/18/2017 - 2018 SeasonFXS660
2018 Race #5FXS660
Medina County FairFXS660
Sweetberry Farms - Mike Cupps 2017FXS660
2017 Race #3FXS635
2017 Race #4FXS660
Gun Barrel City 2016FXS625
2016 Race #2FXS660
2014 Race #1FXS600
Gun Barrel City, TX 2013FXS615
Annual Mike Cupps's American Cancer Society 2014FXS350
Bar DS Ranch 2014FXS600
2013 Race #1IMOW660
2013 Race #1AP580
2013 Race #1FXS550
Grayson County Fair 2012FXS660
Lion's ClubFXS625
Annual Mike Cupps's American Cancer Society Race 2013FXS350
Bar DS Ranch 2013IMOW625
Bar DS Ranch 2013FXS55
Turkey Fest 2013FXS625
Mud Fest 2013FXS660