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Philip Fallis

Philip Fallis


I am from Willis, Texas and have been racing mowers as many weekend as possible since 2021. My father-in-law, Richard Wooley and his fiancé, Brandi Vercher (who also race mowers) are the ones who recruited me into the Mower Racing Sport. I race in the GPS Class. Not only do I look forward to racing, I’m addicted.


2024 Race #1GPS0
2024 Race #2GPS625
2024 Race #3GPS660
Gun Barrel City - March 23, 2024GPS100
Gun Barrel City - March 23, 2024GPT590
Madisonville - Mud Bug Festival - April 13, 2024GPT635
2023 Race #5GPS555
2023 Race #8GPS100
Madisonville, TX 4-9-2022GPS580