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Kevin Counsil

Kevin Counsil


Hello! I am Kevin Counsil. My wife, Terri and I ranch in Madisonville, Texas. I attended my first race on March 6, 2021 as a spectator in Madisonville, Texas at the Crossroads Cowboy Church, and decided lawnmower racing is the sport for me. I raced off road dirt bikes for 20 years and stopped when my kids were born. This is where I got the nickname “CookinKev”. I’ve always been into dirt racing and decided the fast FXT Class was for me. I found one for sale in Michigan and drove 20 HOURS to pick it up and raced it two days later. These are the friendliest bunch of folks you’ll ever meet. Come out and attend and event. You WILL be hooked!


2024 Race #1FXT625
2024 Race #2FXT360
2024 Race #3FXT650
Gun Barrel City - March 23, 2024FXT575
Madisonville - Mud Bug Festival - April 13, 2024FXT565
Riesel, TX 9-10-2022FXT660
Gun Barrel City, TX 9-24-2022FXT650
Gun Barrel City, TX 10-22-2022FXT600
2023 Race #4FXT660
2023 Race #5FXT610
2023 Race #6FXT605
2023 Race #7FXT640
2023 Race #8FXT660
Gun Barrel City, TX 10-23-2021FXT600
Gun Barrel City, TX 11-20-2021FXT590
Gun Barrel City, TX 3-26-2022FXT660
Madisonville, TX 4-9-2022FXT540
Gun Barrel City, TX 4-23-2022FXT660
Hamilton, TX 5-14-2022FXT650
Gun Barrel City, TX 5-28-2022FXT585
Gun Barrel City, TX 6-25-2022FXT660
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 09-12-2020GPT0
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 09-12-2020FXT0
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 10-17-2020GPT0
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 10-17-2020FXT0
Crossroads Cowboy Church 3-6-2021GPT0
Crossroads Cowboy Church 3-6-2021FXT0
Gun Barrel City, TX 3-27-2021GPT0
Gun Barrel City, TX 3-27-2021FXT625
Gun Barrel City, TX 6-26-2021GPT300
Gun Barrel City, TX 6-26-2021FXT330
Hamilton, TX 7-3-2021GPT360
Hamilton, TX 7-3-2021FXT340
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-4-2021GPT350
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-4-2021FXT0
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-5-2021GPT575
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-5-2021FXT510