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Rob Tynmann

Rob Tynmann


It was my WIFE, Julie Tynmann, who got me into mower racing.  She REALLY wanted to race mowers, so I built her a GPT.  Yes, she has won a championship on that mower.  I have been busy building mowers.  I built an FXS for Julie and, finally, one for myself. 


2023 Race #6FXS100
2023 Race #7FXS350
2023 Race #8FXS100
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 09-12-2020FXT0
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 10-17-2020FXT0
Crossroads Cowboy Church 3-6-2021FXT0
Gun Barrel City, TX 3-27-2021FXT0
Gun Barrel City, TX 6-26-2021FXT0
Hamilton, TX 7-3-2021FXT0
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-4-2021FXT605
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-5-2021FXT340