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Richard Lively

Richard Lively


My name is Richard Lively known to the racing community as Joe Joe the Clown. I have been racing since 2002. My mower number is 124 and my mower is the Mow Patrol. I will race in three classes in 2007 A/P, B/P and F/X. I am the four-time State Champion in the F/X class. This is a sport for adults, but Joe Joe the Clown makes sure the children enjoy the events as well. In addition to my racing mowers, I have two Monster Mowers and a Clown Car.



Gun Barrel City, TX 11-20-2021CP660
Gun Barrel City, TX 11-20-2021FXT625
Gun Barrel City, TX 3-26-2022CP660
Gun Barrel City, TX 3-26-2022FXT590
Madisonville, TX 4-9-2022CP660
Madisonville, TX 4-9-2022FXT550
Gun Barrel City, TX 4-23-2022CP660
Gun Barrel City, TX 4-23-2022FXT555
Hamilton, TX 5-14-2022CP660
Hamilton, TX 5-14-2022FXT530
Gun Barrel City, TX 5-28-2022CP635
Gun Barrel City, TX 5-28-2022FXT605
Gun Barrel City, TX 6-25-2022FXS625
Gun Barrel City, TX 6-25-2022FXT555
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 09-12-2020CP0
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 09-12-2020FXS0
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 09-12-2020FXT0
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 10-17-2020CP635
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 10-17-2020FXS0
Camp Shayla – Wortham, TX 10-17-2020FXT555
Crossroads Cowboy Church 3-6-2021CP660
Crossroads Cowboy Church 3-6-2021FXS555
Crossroads Cowboy Church 3-6-2021FXT600
Gun Barrel City, TX 3-27-2021CP660
Gun Barrel City, TX 3-27-2021FXS600
Gun Barrel City, TX 3-27-2021FXT580
Gun Barrel City, TX 6-26-2021CP660
Gun Barrel City, TX 6-26-2021FXS0
Gun Barrel City, TX 6-26-2021FXT590
Hamilton, TX 7-3-2021CP660
Hamilton, TX 7-3-2021FXS0
Hamilton, TX 7-3-2021FXT605
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-4-2021CP660
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-4-2021FXS0
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-4-2021FXT590
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-5-2021CP660
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-5-2021FXS0
Kendall County Fairgrounds 9-5-2021FXT570
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 10-5-2019CP625
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 10-5-2019FXS625
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 11-2-2019CP625
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 11-2-2019FXS300
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 12-14-2019CP625
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 12-14-2019FXS660
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 03-07-2020CP300
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 03-07-2020FXS635
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 03-07-2020FXT625
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 06-13-2020CP625
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 08-08-2020CP605
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 08-08-2020FXS590
Medina County Fair 2019 SeasonSP660
Medina County Fair 2019 SeasonCP590
Medina County Fair 2019 SeasonFXT635
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 6-29-2019SP260
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 6-29-2019FXT260
Gun Barrel City 10/01/2017 - 2017 SeasonSP660
Gun Barrel City 10/01/2017 - 2017 SeasonCP210
2018 Race #3SP660
2018 Race #3CP600
Gun Barrel City 11/18/2017 - 2018 SeasonSP640
Gun Barrel City 11/18/2017 - 2018 SeasonCP550
2018 Race #5SP660
2018 Race #5CP570
Sweetberry Farms - Mike Cupps 2017SP660
Sweetberry Farms - Mike Cupps 2017FXS625
2017 Race #3SP660
2017 Race #3FXS650
2017 Race #4SP660
2017 Race #4BP590
2017 Race #5SP660
2017 Race #5CP570
Gun Barrel City 2016SP660
Gun Barrel City 2016FXS660
Gun Barrel City 2016FXS550
2016 Race #2SP660
2015 Race #2SP720
2015 Race #2FXS685
2015 Race #3SP660
2015 Race #3FXS660
2014 Race #1SP640
2014 Race #1FXS615
Gun Barrel City, TX 2013SP650
Gun Barrel City, TX 2013FXS660
Annual Mike Cupps's American Cancer Society 2014SP660
Annual Mike Cupps's American Cancer Society 2014FXS660
Bar DS Ranch 2014SP660
Bar DS Ranch 2014FXS660
2013 Race #1SP600
2013 Race #1FXS660
Lion's ClubSP600
Lion's ClubFXS260
Annual Mike Cupps's American Cancer Society Race 2013FXS660
Bar DS Ranch 2013SP560
Bar DS Ranch 2013FXS660
Turkey Fest 2013SP635
Turkey Fest 2013FXS660