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Bonnie Driggers

Bonnie Driggers


Bonnie Driggers a.k.a. Mow Mama #209. I started racing after my son, Daniel (a.k.a. Grasskicker #211) started racing. All of his first racing year he kept nagging for me to race a mower. And I kept telling him you’d NEVER get my fanny on one. Well, I then attended my first race, and I was hooked. I was the most impressed with the fact that even though Daniel was only 16, he was treated like an equal, and I knew I wanted to be involved in a sport with such nice people. Plus it looked like so much fun. I race in the A/P annd IMOW classes, and have raced since 2005. I raced in the Stock and the Super Stock classes in 2007, and took 3rd place trophies for the season in both classes. I also was “honored” to recieve the “Best 13 laps, and not winning a race” Trophy. In 2009 I won IMOW State Champion. My entire family, (husband, Lewis a.k.a. “Lawnatic”, son and myself) were the recipents of the Least Improved Award in 2007. . . Thanks alot guys! (I always knew the men in my family were gonna take me down!!). I look forward to each race to not only “kick some grass”, but so I can see my racing family again.



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