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Debbie Hobbs

Debbie Hobbs


I am Debbie Hobbs, #357 out of Houston, Texas. I started out as a spectator of the LSMRA races. Then I just couldn’t take spectating anymore … I had to race. Besides, I hoped it would get racing out of my system so I would quit getting speeding tickets. My brother, Doyal Rice, built my mower (which was voted best looking mower in 2013). I am the only female currently racing in the IMOW class, but I hang in there with the best of them! They better watch out!!



Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 9-7-2019GPS300
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 03-07-2020GPS300
Camp Shayla - Wortham, TX 6-29-2019GPS250
Gun Barrel City 10/01/2017 - 2017 SeasonGPS625
2018 Race #3GPS220
Gun Barrel City 11/18/2017 - 2018 SeasonGPS625
Medina County FairIMOW660
Sweetberry Farms - Mike Cupps 2017IMOW590
2017 Race #3IMOW660
2017 Race #5GPS555
Gun Barrel City 2016IMOW100
2016 Race #2IMOW250
2015 Race #1IMOW340
2014 Race #1IMOW580
Gun Barrel City, TX 2013IMOW590
Annual Mike Cupps's American Cancer Society 2014IMOW545
Bar DS Ranch 2014IMOW590
Annual Mike Cupps's American Cancer Society Race 2013IMOW580
Bar DS Ranch 2013IMOW555
Turkey Fest 2013IMOW555
Mud Fest 2013IMOW340