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Michelle Bittle

Michelle Bittle


I am Michelle Bittle from Hope, Arkansas. I am Texan by birth and Arkansan by marriage. My racing mower is #395 and I am married to Scott Bittle, the President of MTI Racing (Multi-Talented Individual) and Past President (2010 – 20110 of the LSMRA. I began racing in 2008 in the IMOW Class. I was third in my class that season and received the “Rookie of the Year” award. I was eligible for the Topsy Turvy Award (flipping me and my mower) in 2008,2009 AND 2010. This is not an award I work hard to receive. This is a wonderful family sport. Our three children, their spouses and my five grandchildren are often at the races supporting and cheering me on. I have a master’s degree in behavior psychology and lawnmower racing is a great release from work!