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Mike Cupps

Mike Cupps


Mike Cupps became a USLMRA/LSMRA Member in 1998 and was their 4th member. He didn’t race until 2001, which is when he won the A/P State Championship beside two other rookies. His number is 79 – “No reason just picked 79”. He raced in A/P, IMOW, S/P, B/P, F/X. In 2003 and 2004, he was Texas State Champion in the IMOW Class and in 2004 2nd in F/X. He was from Corsicana,Texas and was married to Vikki (Vincent) Cupps, who raced IMOW. He was drawn into mower racing from the internet when he found the LSMRA website. He called Dubba G, the Founder of LSMRA, and bent his ear over and over. Dubba G told him to join the ranks of mower racing, so he did. It took him three years to put a mower together the way he thought it should be. After numerous modifications and putting it in different classes over the years he still raced that mower. Mike’s dad went to most of the races with him and always had a good time. Mike was the original owner of Acme Mower Sports. Mike raced mowers from 2001 until 2009, when cancer took his life.