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Tim Robison

Tim Robison


I am Tim Robison, but my racing family and friends know me as “The Mowron”. My racing number is #53 and I race in the S/P Class. My mower’s name is THE MOWRON “TWO”. I come from Rhome,Texas (crossroads to the metroplex). I have been racing since 1999, but not long enough. I first saw mower racing on “ESPN”. My wife, Patty, have been married since 1972 and have one son. In 2003 I won Most Improved Driver, and was noted for being a great announcer for lawnmower racing. I just like to see the “look” and amazement on peoples faces when we race, talk, and show our mowers. This is a family sport. My wife “Precious Mowments/ Mow Kisses, likes the traveling, people we meet and the competition. I hate to pat myself on the back but, for the last two years of race competition, I have started and finished every heat and feature race in which I have competed. My motto is: Ride once, hooked for life. Tim (The Mowron) Robison.