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Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly


I am Tom Kelly, and currently live in Marshall, TX. I am originally from Bridge City, TX, near Beaumont. I becam a member of the LSMRA in 2005 and I race in the A/P and F/X Classes. I race the #212 “Mowler Lite” and won the 2004 LSMRA State Championship in the A/P Class my rookie year. I saw lawnmower racing on TV and was egged on by my team mate, Mike Vandevender # 21. In 2003 we both built what we thought were racing lawnmowers and luckily didn’t kill ourselves. Later that year we went to an LSMRA race in Livingston, TX and talked to John Nelson, Mike Cupps, and Ronnie Drew about what we needed to do to build real racing lawnmowers. They helped us out a lot and we spent all winter building and getting ready for the 2004 season. I finally made it to my first race in April of 2004 and even won! After taking the 2006 season off, I am now back hoping for another championship.